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Authentic African journeys are our philosophy.

For us, authentic African journeys are always individual, sustainable, intercultural and decelerated.


Africa is a world of its own. A continent with 54 countries, 000 languages and 000 tribes -and not easy to understand. When we talk about Africa, we are talking about the 12 countries of Southern and Eastern Africa where we realise authentic Africa tours. We bring you closer to the colourful and vibrant diversity of the continent.

Come to Africa - with Sinclair's Africa.

It is said: “You don’t just travel to Africa, you meet Africa.” And in the same way, the warmth of the people, the wilderness, its animals and the tranquillity of nature have captivated Patrick Sinclair and his team.



As a boutique tour operator, we offer you personal travel advice from founder Patrick Sinclair and his team on site. We give your trip that special touch – thanks to our local experience and our insider tips. See our expert knowledge for yourself on our YouTube channel and in our webinars.

Based on your wishes and specifications, we will then put together your individual dream trip to Africa. Your offer can be customised down to the last detail until it meets your expectations. Then we look forward to your booking. Of course, you book with us with the security of a German tour operator – and yet away from the mass tourism of a catalogue tour.

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Phone | Telefon: +49 (0)221 6400054-1
+49 (0)221 6400054-1
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+49 (0)176 32140996

Contact us to take the next step

Phone | Telefon: +49 (0)221 6400054-1
+49 (0)221 6400054-1
whatsapp +49 (0)176 32140996
+49 (0)176 32140996



We believe that by protecting ‘African Nature & Wildlife’ and engaging local people, we can make a sustainable and positive difference in Africa and ultimately worldwide. With this in mind, we are particularly proud to count Africa’s leading EcoTourism companies among our partners.

We support the education of children in Southern Africa with our donations to Ubuntu e.V. and we are committed to the protection of endangered rhinos with donations to Rhinos without Borders.

We donate to Atmosfair to offset the CO2 emissions of your flight and of course our travel documents are paperless and in digital form – in our own Africa Travel App (physical documents on request).

We also do not offer obviously unsustainable programmes and activities such as elephant riding or shark cage diving, disrespectful “poor people’s tours” etc.

If you are not sure which providers and activities are sustainable, please contact us at any time.


Get informed and prepared for your African journey with our African Webinars.


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Listen to Patrick speak in German on the Du Bist Dein Held podcast by Marcel Niehues.




For us, the friendliness and cheerfulness of the people is what makes travelling to Southern Africa so unique. Africa’s special optimism and joie de vivre are sometimes sheer overwhelming and the laughter contagious.

We wish and support travel in a spirit of mutual respect, of meeting people at eye level – so that Africa touches your heart. To this end, we can only recommend the virtues of travel to you:

The Virtues of Travelling

At the conference on “Travelling in Developing Countries” in Penang/Malaysia a few years ago (2005), the virtues of travelling “Code of Ehtics – Twelve Virtues of Travelling” were developed, which we wholeheartedly support:



The relaxation already starts with the travel planning, because we take the time to advise you calmly and with attention to detail with all our expert knowledge. Your authentic Africa trip will then certainly have a decelerated itinerary – with enough time for unforgettable experiences in the wilderness of Africa and for your encounters with the people of the continent – which will leave a lasting impression on you.

Ubuntu describes an African philosophy of life, sharing and living in a community.

The word “Ubuntu” comes from the Bantu languages (including the Zulu and Xhosa tribes) and can be roughly translated as “humanity”, “charity” and “community spirit”. It is about the experience and awareness of being part of a whole.

Translated directly from Xhosa, it therefore also means:

“I am because we are.”

This basic attitude is based on mutual respect and recognition, respect for human dignity and the striving for a harmonious and peaceful society, but also on the belief in a “universal bond of sharing that connects everything human.”

“In Africa there is a concept known as ‘ubuntu’ – the profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we are to accomplish anything in this world it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievement of others.”

Sinclair's Africa

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