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“Thanks to the incredibly warm welcome in Malawi, which is given to every visitor here, Malawi rightly bears the nickname “The Warm Heart of Africa”. Malawi is a small country with many highlights. The sheer size of Lake Malawi and its warm fresh water offers a special beach experience. Malawi also has several national parks that are home to lions, elephants, leopards and many other animal species. The traditional villages, the local way of life and joie de vivre, the artistic handicrafts and the UNESCO world cultural heritage will fascinate you. The mountains and high plateau extending to the north are also a popular destination for adventurers”.

– Patrick Sinclair

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largest lake in the world – Malawi Lake

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elephant shrew, buffet weaver, leopard turtle, ant lion and rhinoceros beetle

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different fish species in Lake Malawi

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of all exports are tobacco

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